Doja Winery

Doja Winery is a family owned winery that continues the tradition of wine production that started in 1895. It is located on mild slopes at the foot of Mount Jastrebac at an altitude of 470 m, where the differences between day and night temperatures are more than 15 degrees during the period of maturation.

The largest areas are under the indigenous variety Prokupac that is a symbol of Serbia and Serbian winemaking. In the heart of the vineyard there is a modern winery. The winery is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for producing high quality wines. All processes of production, starting from the production of grapes, harvesting, processing of grapes into wine, aging and aging processes, bottling to labeling, are performed in the premises of the Doja winery. This enables complete control of all the production processes of Doja of wine.

To this unity of traditional and modern the team of academic experts is dedicated: the owner of the winery Goran Todić, engineer of viticulture and his wife Slavica Todić (professor and head of the Department of Viticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade), care about the selection of assortment, vineyard care and production quality grapes.

Products: Vinarija Doja (Doja Prokupac, Doja Prokupac Breg, Doja Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, Doja Pinot Grigio & Chardonnay, Doja Tamjanika, Doja chardonnay Barrique)

Production capacity: 500 000l

Export markets: USA, Holland, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A: Donja Jošanica bb, 18420 Blace, Serbia
P: +381 11 65 55 666
M: +381 63 30 35 59