Doja Winery

Doja is family owned winery with long tradition of winegrowing and winemaking, located on the slopes of the mountain Jastrebac with altitude of 470m. The specific climate with difference between day and night temperatures up to 15 degrees in ripening period makes Toplica region so unique and interesting.

The indigenous variety Prokupac, which is a symbol of Serbian winemaking, is the most planted variety. Prokupac is one of few Serbian indigenous varieties and it creedal is located in Toplica region. Situated in the vineyards, there is winery equipped with the latest technology for achieving premium quality.

The whole process of making wines, from vineyard management, harvest, cellar management, aging, bottling and labeling is done in the winery.

This is the place where tradition and modern knowledge cross their roads, with the team of experts, the owner agronomist Goran Todić and his wife Slavica Todić, professor of Viticulture at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade.


  • Doja Prokupac
  • Doja Tamjanika
  • Doja Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot
  • Doja Pinot Grigio & Chardonnay
  • Doja Chardonnay Barrique
  • Doja Rose
  • Breg Prokupac
  • Breg Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Breg Merlot

Production capacities: 500 000L

Export markets: Germany, France, United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia

Standards and certifications: conversion to organic production (certificate organic in 2024), HACCP

A: Donja Jošanica bb, 18420 Blace, Serbia
P: +381 11 65 55 666
M: +381 63 30 35 59