Dogma Brewery

Two childhood friends, one from the food technology field and the other from economy & marketing, opened the brewery that became successful – sounds like a perfect pattern for a craft beer story? Because that is just how it is: it is a true story about two friends full of passion for creation. Inside and outside of a beer glass. Since the day of our first brew, we’ve been sharing the same values. As a result, we’ve created the fastest-growing Serbian craft brewery, the brewery that became Rate Beer’s Top Serbian brewery in 2018 – our breakthrough year. Today, we are proud that Dogma has become the biggest craft beer exporter from Serbia, four years in a row!

Our first brew came out of fermenter on the 20th of July 2016. Five years later, Dogma Brewery became a synonym for the high quality brews and a company with direct marketing and brand development strategies. All the numbers say that we have increased our capacity four times, up to 7000 HL per year, due to increased sales in Serbia and around the world.

Our idea is to expand and open new markets as a part of strategy to make Dogma Brewery respectable craft beer brand in every part of the world.

Cheers from Belgrade!

两个儿时的朋友,一个来自食品技术领域,另一个来自经济与营销,开了一家成功的啤酒厂——听起来是不是像精酿啤酒故事的完美模式?因为事情就是如此:这是一个关于两个充满创业激情的朋友的真实故事。啤酒杯的内外。从我们第一次酿造啤酒的那天起,我们一直在分享相同的价值观。因此,我们创建了讯速发展的塞尔维亚精酿啤酒厂,本啤酒厂在 2018 年成为 Rate Beer 的塞尔维亚顶级啤酒厂——2018年是我们的突破性年份。今天,我们为 Dogma 连续四年作为塞尔维亚最大的精酿啤酒出口商而感到自豪!

我们的第一批啤酒于 2016 年 7 月 20 日从发酵罐中被酿出。五年后,Dogma 啤酒厂成为高品质啤酒的代名词,成为具有直销和品牌发展战略公司。所有数字都表明,由于塞尔维亚和世界各地的销售额增加,我们的产能增加了四倍,每年高达 7000百升。

我们的理念是扩大和开辟新市场,作为战略的一部分,使 Dogma 啤酒厂在世界各地成为受人尊敬的精酿啤酒品牌。


DOGMA Brewery
Radnicka Street 3, Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 4072 965