Distillery TOK

The first lines of brandy history are written on Mount Goč where everything started long before the official founding of the distillery – by desires of its founder. This story has got no legends, myths or exaggeration. Everything has been and is right now exactly as it is supposed to be. The family manufacture has become a production of the limited top brandy series. Just like it is the case with every true, family story, the distillery is nowadays led by its founder and his sons who are technology experts in the field of brandy production.

In the technology of spirits, the Serbian plum brandy and the French cognac are considered the most perfect alcoholic liquors, based on their characteristics.

Tok is a modern distillery created as a result of the grandiose effort and indisputable knowledge by the synergy of the modern technologies and traditional recipe. Our technologists are the main asset we own. We use the state-of-the-art equipment while respecting the golden standards of the production processes at the same time. Brandy is not a mediate business for us, it is our vocation.

In the last half a century the notion of brandy as an authentic product of our own has undeservingly been knocked off the pedestal of the world-class alcoholic drinks. Our mission is to breathe a new life into this queen of liquors and so far we have been very successful. In the same manner and with the same passion we approach our goal to satisfy the criteria of the true enthusiasts of liquors which hide the history and tradition of the Balkans within its bottles.


  • “Standard” Range
  • Tok® – plum brandy
  • Stom®- herbal brandy
  • “Zlatni Tok” range
  • Zlatni Tok 05® – plum brandy
  • Zlatni Tok 10®- plum brandy
  • Zlatni Tok 15®- plum brandy

A: Ilije Čalića 2, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
P: +381 11 35 75 148
E: info@tok.rs