Deus Crispbread

Deus Crispbread is engaged in the production of crispbreads made from whole grains of oats and rye without flour and artificial additives with natural spices, recommended by the Faculty of Pharmacy to diabetics and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Crispy, tasty with a high content of protein, fiber and beta glucan and low glycemic index.

Products: Oat crispbreads with pumpkin seed, oat crispbreads with garlic, oat crispbreads with cili, oat crispbreads with curcumin and black sesame.

Production capacities: 6000 products daily

Export markets: Bosna and Herzegovina, Montenegro

Standards and certifications: HACCP

A: Cara Dusana 139, 11000 , Beograd
P: +381692282802
M: +381692282802