Deurić Winery

The winery has a modern production plant, which combines the best of both worlds: traditional and modern. The entire equipment is set up to make the most of natural gravity and minimize the use of pumping devices, which is also the most subtle way in which wine can be handled.

A modern approach to production is reflected in the use of equipment made of the most modern materials used in winemaking, complete control of the temperature in all wines individually, control of the presence of oxygen, from the processing of the grapes to the opening of the bottle. State-of-the-art technologies with respect for nature and grapes give their wines a specific character which reflects the best that the terroir of Fruška Gora and Mala Remeta as a micro-locality can offer.

All this is recognized both in Serbia and abroad. The list of exporters of the Deurić winery is getting richer every year, and they especially emphasize the cooperation with the UK distributor Nikola Salipur – NIKOPreston.

Products/Services: Pinot Noir, Severna Morava, Marmalade, Chardonnay Classic

Production capacities: 15.000 bottles of Pinot Noir, 16.000 bottles of Severna Morava, 3.000 bottles of Marmalade, 25.000 bottles of Chardonnay Classic

A: Ekonomija Salaš bb, 22409 Mala Remeta, Serbia
P: +381 22 468 580
M: +381 63 575 304
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