Despot distillery

Despot Among Brandies!

As the name of the distillery suggests, we are talking about a sophisticated brandy crafted for enjoyment and true connoisseurs of strong alcoholic beverages.

Despot Distillery is a family-owned establishment located in the heart of Serbia, representing a harmonious blend of traditional values and modern distillation techniques. It provides a unique experience that seamlessly integrates heritage with the latest technology used by Despot Distillery in the production process. The production process is carefully guided by a team of experts well-known in the field of brandy production.

Despot rakija is a premium spirit renowned for its authenticity, true natural taste, without added sugars and aromas, achieved through the use of the top-quality fruit harvested from the Despot orchard. The distillery owns an 11-hectare orchard, predominantly planted with quince and plum, ensuring the top-notch quality of its brandies by exclusively utilizing the finest fruit from the orchard. Quince and plum brandies mature in oak barrels, whereas pear and apricot brandies age in stainless steel barrels.


  • Despot plum brandy
  • Despot quince brandy
  • Despot apricot brandy
  • Despot pear brandy
  • Despot honey brandy

Production capacities: 100.000 bottles per year

Standards and certifications: HCCP

A: Despota Stefana Lazarevića bb, 11412 Crkvine, Mladenovac, Serbia
P: +381 69 707 207
M: +381 69 707 207