Company’s core business from the 2000҆s is the production of aluminum lids for a variety of dairy products.  By constantly investing in technology and with years of experience and knowledge of employees, the company is oriented towards innovation and constant improvement and expansion of the production program. Following the trends in the domestic and foreign markets, the company today offers modern packaging solutions also in the form of shrink sleeves and IML (in mold labels).

The latest generation printing, thanks to high quality 8, 9 and 10-color printing machines, make attractive labels that add to the visibility, appeal and distinction of finished products.

Products: Aluminium lids; Shrink sleeve labels, IML Labels

Production capacities:

  • Flexoprinting – UV inks: 250 m/min; Annualy Capacity: 80.000 km2
  • Cutting Aluminium lids: 600 pcs/min; Annualy Capacity: 580 mil pcs
  • Production of shrink sleeve labels: 200 m/min; Annualy Capacity: 63.000 km
  • Production of IML labels: 50m/min; Capacity: 16.000 km

Export markets: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; HACCP CAC/RPC 2003; ISO 22000: 2007

A: Sušica bb, 31312 Mačkat (Čajetina), Serbia
P: +381 65 33 11 711
M: +381 65 23 11 755