DBA Promet

The company DBA PROMET was founded in 2006. The company is engaged in the production, processing and trading of conventional and organic fruit. Our modern facilities are located in the village of Cerova, 2 km from the center of Arilje, in the most beautiful part of western Serbia.

We store and process fruits in the most modern facilities with a capacity of 3000 tons.

The quality of processing and safety of fruit are one of the most important elements in our business, so exclusively in our plant, which has IFS certification, we pack products intended for our customers around the world.

ProductsRaspberry varieties Willamette, Meeker and Fertodi -IQF whole-Rolend, whole and broken, IQF Raspberry crumble (Standard or Yogurt quality – laser sorted); Blackberry varieties Čačanka, Loch Ness, Thorn Free and Wild blackberry IQF Blackberry confiture 80:20,IQF Blackberry block; Sour Charry variety Oblačinska IQF Sour cherry pitted and with stone; Blueberry varieties wild blueberry Vaccinium Myrtallus and cultivated blueberry IQF blueberry Ist class; Strawberry varieties Senga Sengana and Mixed varieties IQF Strawberry calibrated or uncalibrated and IQF Strawberry puree; Plum varieties Stanley plum, Čačanska i Čačanska lepotica IQF Plume halves 1/2 hand cut; Apricot Varieties Čačanska ,NS6,NS4,local varieties IQF Apricot halves 1/2 hand-cut II; Currant varieties Black currant and Red currant I class; Organic raspberry, Organic Blueberry, Organic Strawberry, Organic Blackberry and Organic Sour Charry

Production capacities: 3000 tons.

Export markets: EU, USA, Asia, UAE

Standards and certifications: IFS Food Certificate, Eco Cert – Organic Products, U.S. FDA Member, GLOBALG.A.P, Ecocert Organic Standard, National Organic Program

A: Cerova bb,31230 Arilјe
P:+ 381 63 703 7034
M: +381 63 703 7034
E: dejan@dba-promet.com