Damar Confit

Damar Confit is a company that deals with the processing and sale of fresh truffles, with the basic success of presenting Serbian truffles to the whole world with their top properties. Company was founded in 2014 with one goal, to present Serbian truffle with all positive characteristics.
In recent years, guided by the love of truffles and a strong will in the achieved goals, we have enabled the opening of new markets, better positioning and placement – which is the basis of our further development.
Through the work of permanent technological improvement, we have managed to develop an unusual recipe, composed in such a way as to preserve the natural properties of truffles and at the same time provide maximum taste and aroma.

Product portfolio includes:

  • Whole black truffle canned
  • Minced paprika with black truffles
  • Olive oil with truffles
  • Black truffle carpaccio
  • Cheese with truffles
  • Truffle sauce
  • Soy sauce with white truffle
  • Wine with truffles
  • Chocolate with truffles

Export markets: EU, the Russian Federation and Asia.

Damar Confit是一家从事新鲜松露加工和销售的公司,基本成功地向全世界展示了塞尔维亚松露的绝对优势。该公司成立于2014年,其目标只有一个,即展示塞尔维亚松露所有的优质特征。


  • 全黑松露罐头
  • 黑松露红甜椒粉
  • 松露橄榄油
  • 黑松露生牛肉片
  • 松露奶酪
  • 松露酱
  • 白松露酱油
  • 松露葡萄酒
  • 松露巧克力


A: Kralja Milutina 37, Belgrade, Serbia
M: + 381 65 88 98 998
E: Damarconfit@gmail.com