DAL DEGAN with a 150-year legacy, embodies innovation on Crop Protection. Starting in 1870, we pioneered crop protection with backpack sprayers, we now offer 4.0 Mounted and Trailed Sprayers and Atomizers. Our 10,000 sq. meter site in Italy is complemented by a Serbian unit of 4.000. Our Values are: INTERNAL PRODUCTION: Specializing since 1870, PROTECTION: Safeguarding crops and local excellence, PROACTIVITY: Adapting to market needs, TRANSPARENCY: Honest communication about our potential.

Production of mounted and trailed sprayers and atomizers

Production capacities: more than 2000 units per year

Export markets: EU and rest of Europe – North Africa, India, South and Central America, Central Asia

Standards and certifications: CE, EAC

A: K. A. Obrenovića 210, 12370 Aleksandrovac (Žabari), Serbia
P: +381 12 71 02 994
M: +381 65 22 54 508
E: info@daldegan.rs