Dairy Ub

Dairy Ub was founded in 1982, and under the name “Dehran” it operated as part of the then combine PIK Ub “and has always been recognizable for baby food, butter and milk powder. It was privatized in 2011 and by extensively researching the wishes and needs of consumers, Dairy changed its visual identity in 2016 and offered a new portfolio of daily programs to the market under the “Dr Milk” brand. In 2019, by constantly modernizing production technology, automating production lines and expanding production capacity, Dairy reaches a capacity of 330,000 liters of daily processing.

Under its brand name Dr Milk we can offer to the market portfolio of daily programme that consist od fresh milk, sour milk programme, fresh cheese, cream cheese, probiotic products, home made cream cheese and cheese.

The dairy has the most modern technology, in which it is constantly installed and modernized. We have created a high-quality raw material base, which we are constantly expanding and working on educating milk producers. The raw material is controlled in the most equipped biological and physico-chemical laboratory. By combining the most modern technological processes, high-quality raw materials and top technical knowledge of qualified experts in this field, we obtain high-quality and health-safe products. In strictly prescribed hygienic conditions and according to strict production practice, we work according to the highest standards for food safety. We have ISO 22000, HACCP and IFS standard.

The result of such work are export licenses for the Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, EU countries, as well as countries outside the EU. Working in accordance with the regulations of these countries, we easily respond to their requests. Continuity in the quality of all products is achieved with the most modern production technology and automation of production processes. With the cooperation of experts in various fields and teamwork, we have good manufacturing practice.

Dairy Ub 乳制品厂成立于 1982 年,以“Dehran”的名义作为当时PIK Ub集团的下属公司,一直以生产婴儿食品、黄油和奶粉而闻名。它通过对消费者愿望和需求的广泛调研,于2016年进行了私有制改革。Diary Ub乳制品厂于 2016 年改变了其视觉形象,并以“牛奶博士”品牌向市场提供了新的日常产品系列。在2019年,乳制品厂通过不断更新生产技术、自动化生产线和扩大产能,其每日加工能力达到33万升。


乳制品厂拥有最现代的技术,并不断安装更新和现代化。我们已经创建了一个高质量的原料基地,在那里我们不断扩大并致力于教养自己的员工。在设备最齐全的生物和物理化学实验室对原材料进行控制。通过结合最现代的工艺流程、优质的原材料和该领域资质专家的顶级技术知识,我们获得了高品质和健康安全的产品。在严格规定的卫生条件和严格管控的生产实践中,我们按照食品安全的最高标准开展工作。我们有 ISO 22000、HACCP 和 IFS 标准。


A: Alekse Martica 3, 14210 Ub, Serbia
P: +381 14 315 55 55
E: mlekara.ub@gmail.com