Dahlia doo is registered for the production of cosmetic products. Founded in 1924 in Belgrade and with decades of experience in the production of cosmetic products. We create healthy and effective cosmetic products for body, skin and hair care that are designed with the intention of contributing to the care and overall satisfaction of the user. In November 2022, there was a significant alliance between the international company Siberian Wellness and the Dahlia factory. Dahlia produces a wide range of products for PL brands.

Products: Conditioners, Hair waxes, Hair gels, Hair creams and masks, Hair oils, Hair serums, Anti-cellulite treatments, Body lotions and milks, Body scrubs, Hand care, Baths and shower gels, Liquid soaps, Universal creams and ointments, Massage oils, Nail polish removers, Face serums, Universal creams, Glycerin-based creams, Facial cleansers, Toners, Micellar waters, Baby Shampoos, Baby Baths, Baby 2in1 Shampoo and bath, Baby Body milk, Baby Face and body creams, Baby Oils, Baby powders, Baby Wet wipes.

Production capacities: 25.000.000 per year

Export markets: Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, and by the end of 2024. also on the markets of Croatia, Slovenia and North Macedonia.

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP,ISO 45001, ISOQAR.

A: Batajnicki drum 12, 11080 Zemun, Beograd
P: +381 628081213
E: office@dahlia.rs