Cortex labs

Cortex labs LLC was founded in 2007 in Belgrade. We started as a small, family owned business, with the goal of making long-term traditional experiences in the field of beekeeping and phytotherapy available to everyone who is looking for help and support in nature for their health problems.

Our company’s assortment consists of PRIMED dietary supplements and products based on honey, bee products, medicinal herbs, plant extracts, minerals and medicinal mushrooms.

Nowadays, our products are available in pharmacies throughout Serbia and the countries of the region, but also in other countries of Europe and the rest of the world, where they also find their users.

In this way, we believe that our mission is achieved, which is a return to nature and alternative possibilities for improving and preserving health, preventing or helping in the treatment of existing health ailments.

The greatest strength on this path is our satisfied users, whose needs and expectations we strive to fulfill every day and at every moment.

Every new positive experience with the use of our products gives us strength, motivation and inspiration for further improvement of existing and development of new preparations.

Products/Services: PRIMED dijetetski suplementi i proizvodi na bazi meda

Production capacities: 100 000 jars / month

Export markets: Germany, Sweden, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro

Standards and certifications: HACCP standards

A: Gostivarska 78, 11010 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 71 51 265
M: +381 69 75 02 00