CMANA – Medino Krnjevo

The company is a family business founded in 2004 in Krnjevo, Central Serbia. Since its beginning, our company is fully committed to the strict quality control of our products. Therefore, all our products, are certified by most prominent certification body, ECOCERT and analyzed by renown European labs – Intertek and QSI. Our mission is to protect and improve bees and our environment through several CSR. We are very proud of reliable and long-term partnership achieved with more than 3.000 beekeepers around Serbia. Our mutual goal is to constantly work on improvement of quality of honey and protection of nature. Medino’s high quality products are recognized by partners from more than thirty countries worldwide.

Products: We focus on pure organic honey collected from unspoiled nature and wild landscape from all over Serbia. Our company offers three types of organic honey: acacia, linden and meadow honey. All our products are controlled and certified by the most prominent laboratories international. The entire process of making honey is thoroughly organized and monitored with the constant help and the control of the whole team. Our success is reflected in high-quality products and unbreakable and friendly relationships with beekeepers lasting already two decades.

Production capacities: Total production capacity is around 3.000MT per year.

Export markets: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, USA, UAE, Slovakia, Qatar, Canada

Standards and certifications: Organic EU, IFS Food, HACCP

CMANA (Branch:Medino Krnjevo)
A: Bulevar oslobodjenja 16, 11319 Krnjevo, Serbia
P:+381 26 4150 444
M: +381 64 8642 350