Ćirić Agro MĐŽ

It all began with a hard-working man Milan Ćirić who dedicated his life to village and agriculture and today, he is the owner of one of the largest apple orchards in Serbia. As a proud exporter of this paradise fruit, his objective is to share the quality and taste of Serbian apples with the world!

He raised his inheritors with the same values, so they believe that working in food manufacturing is both an honour and privilege. This is why this ‘small apple factory’ strives to become one of the best Serbian brands!

Products: Gala (King, Schnico, Schnico Red, Schniga, Royal Beaut), Golden Delicious (Reinders, Klon B), Red Delicious (Roat King, Scarlet, Jeromine), Braeburn (Mariri Red), Fuji (Kiku 8), Granny Smith (Standard, Challenger), Jonagored (Red Jonaprince).

Production capacities: 280 ha of orchard, 15 apple varieties, ULO cooling storage 22.000 t capacity, Greefa pre-sorting line capacity 20 t/h, 3 packing lines, all packing methods, Smart Fresh technology, production of safe apples

Export markets: Russia

Standards and certifications: IFS, BRC, Global GAP, ISO 9000, HCCP, ISO 9001

Ćirić Agro MĐŽ
A: Glavna 230, 21240 Titel, Serbia
P: + 381 21 29 60 030
F:  +381 21 86 02 37
E: office@ciricagro.co.rs