CG Foods Europe

CG Foods Europe produces INSTANT NOODLES. Company was established in 2015 and started production facility in 2017 as the first European branch of the CG Corp Global from Nepal. Company manufacture, distribute and export dehydrated instant noodles in various own brands. Production facility is located in Ruma, 50km from Belgrade. We are exporting products to Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA, Canada. In last 2 years we are producing Private Labels to several clients in Europe and Middle East.

Currently total SKUs produced is more than 70 consisting of more than 20 different flavours. Some of the best-selling products in

Products: Instant Noodles in pillow packs and in cups. Wai Wai, Xpress and Rintin brands are Creamy Chicken flavour, Tomato Paprika flavour, Beef flavour, Vegetable flavour, Seafood flavour, Turkey flavour, Cheese flavour, Duck Flavour.

Production capacities:10 million pcs in pillow packs & cups per month (750 tons per month).Readily available infrastructure to double the current capacity with additional line within 6 months to 20 million packs (1,500 tons per month). Sufficient future expansion possibilities 32 million packs (2,400 tons) per month.

Export markets: Wai Wai noodles are sold and exported in following countries: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Norway, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, Romania, Spain, North Macedonia, Hungary, USA, Canada, Qatar, Gambia, United Arab Emirates.

Standards and certifications: ISO 22000:2018 on Food Safety Certified by Bureau Veritas, Certification of IFS-Food 7.1 with 94.12 % marks, HACCP Certified, Halal Certification, US FDA Registered

Blok 4 radna zona, ‘’Rumska petlja’’ 8, Ruma, Republic of Serbia
P: +381 22 850 200