Candy Rush

Candy Rush is a factory that operates within the RIM GROUP company, and is engaged in the production of confectionery products, primarily chocolates, creams and cream bananas. The leading position on the market was ensured, first of all, by the quality of its products, which are available throughout the country and region, but also by constant investment in the latest technologies, as well as a high standard of business that has been maintained for more than a decade. This is confirmed by the world food production certificates that Candy Rush possesses. Strengthened by the Simka chocolate factory, the existing production capacities are being increased, which will be able to meet all the demands of the world market, from Western Europe to Asia.

Products: Simka cream, Pandalada cream, Pandalada block, Dessertina chocolate, Banana cream.

Production capacities: Cream: 20t, Cream bananas: 7t, Chocolate: 8t per day.

Export markets: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia

Standards and certifications: IFS, HACCP, HALAL.

A: Surčinska 10e 11070 Beograd, Srbija
P: +381 11 318 48 00; +381 11 318 60 58