Budimka has been a part of ITN Group since November 2019. It is located in the western part of Serbia well known as the region for fruit growing. During the harvest time, Budimka collects from farmers in the region more than 40,000 t of fresh fruit. This “former Yugoslav giant“  has been implementing the latest technology in the factory. Our goal is to keep well known quality and brand name, and to meet modern trends (design, packaging, quality). We possess the HACCP and IFS certificates.

Products: Fruit spreads and preserves – jams, extra jams, low calory jams, 100% fruit spreads, whole fruit Preserves; Fruit and vegetable juices and syrups – juices in “Tetra brick“ packaging, nectars in „Tetra brick“ packaging, 100% fruit juices in glass packaging, syrups in glass packaging, Fruit compotes, pasteurized vegetables – pasteurized vegetables in glass packaging, pasteurized vegetables in cans,Fruit concentrates and purees – fruits concentrates, fruit purees, fruit preps

Production capacities: annual production capacities: fruit spreads and preserves (jams, extra jams, whole fruit preserves…) – 6,000 t, fruits and vegetable juices and syrups – 50,000,000 litres, pasteurized vegetables – 3,000 t, fruit concentrates and purees 5.000 t.

Export markets: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, North Macedonia, Romania

Standards and certifications: HACCP, IFS

A: Zlatiborski b.b., 31210 Požega, Srbija
P: +381 11 31 811 591
M: +381 62 412 589
E: olivera.tomic@budimka.co.rs