BT Winery

We believe in our wines, because we believe in our grapes. BT Winery are produced from grapes that are cultivated in our own vineyards located in the very heart of Fruska Gora.
We believe in the Fruska Gora soil which was left by the Pannonia sea on the hills’ surface in ancient times. Wind, rain and sun have ground, washed and heated it for thousands of years. The outcome was a soil rich in minerals, which contributes to the production of unique wines.
We believe in the magic of Fruska Gora hill roundness, sun of the Pannonia region and the warm Mediterranean wind. Our grandparents believed that this region is something special. We prove that they were not wrong. These are the ideal climate conditions for the vine’s growth.
We believe in grape cultivation with the most natural methods. We respect vine’s natural capacity of producing grapes. It is for this reason that we have a low return, with grapes left on vines as long as possible.
We believe in the most traditional and ancestral vinification methods. We follow our grandparents’ experience which has been preserved in Fruska Gora over the past decades. We believe that these are the most precious methods as the survived centuries of experimenting and improving. We are proud to be the successors of the rich Fruska Gora winemaking culture.
The vines are carefully selected by variety. They are planted in intervals, just like in typical Fruska Gora vineyards. There are various clones that, together, offer the best characteristics of each crop.
Five metres underground, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, is our modern wine cellar, which provides optimal conditions for the production and maturation of our wines.
The first line is names Fruska Gora. The wines (Vranac Classic, Tamjanika and Maya Rose) mature in stainless steel tanks. They are suitable for drinking after one year of maturing.
The second line, labeled as Selected Selection (Selekcija) in composed of complex wines, made exclusively from the best grapes, selected from the oldest vines and matured slowly (2 to 4 years) in casks and wooden barrels of different sizes. None of these wines (Marslean, Pinot Noir, Vranac Gold, Vranac Silver, Longinus Cabernet Sauvignon) undergo filtration.


  • 我们对我们的佳酿满怀信心,正因为我们坚持采用自有庄园的葡萄——庄园位于弗鲁什卡山谷(Fruska￿Gora)的核心地带。
  • 我们依仗弗鲁什卡山谷丰沃的土壤——这是来自远古时期潘诺尼亚海床的馈赠,数千年间历尽风雨和阳光的洗礼,终成今天富含矿物质的土壤,以助我们为您制作独一无二的佳酿。
  • 我们对由弗鲁什卡山谷延绵起伏的地势、潘诺尼亚平原和煦的阳光、以及地中海温润的风所带来的无穷魔力深信不疑。我们的先辈早已认定这是一片适合生产美酒的土地,而我们证明了他们确有先见之明,这里有着一切最适宜葡萄生长的气候条件。
  • 我们坚持采用最天然的方法种植和采收葡萄,我们尊重大自然的天性与植物的本能,让每一颗果实尽可能地留在藤上吸收最多的养分——尽管这样会降低我们的产量。
  • 我们深信传统的酿造手法,遵循着酒庄的先驱者们数十年所坚持的方式,这是塞尔维亚人千百年来传承和不断改良的经验与传统,我们荣幸成为这片土地独特酿酒文化的继承者



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