Bosiljčić distillery

Distillery Bosiljčić has prochromic fermentors for the simultaneous storage of 200 tons of pitted fruit, a column with 5 floors, a deflagrator, an aromatizer and a cauldron of 1500 l indirectly heated by low-pressure steam. The plums for our brandy come from our orchards, which allows us to flawlessly perform the first technological operation, which is the collection of ripe fruits (falling plums).

The practice at the Bosiljčić distillery is to wash, peel and pit each plum, and after the distillation process, the pure “heart” of brandy goes into a new oak barrel from which it is packed for consumers.
In order to satisfy the demands of customers, the Bosiljčić family has kept its fruit brandies for aging since 2007 and only now, in 2022, we appear on the market with our brandies.


  • Brendy – Rakija from plum 5 y. old,
  • Brendy – Rakija from plum 10y. old,
  • Brendy made of plum – 15y. old

Production capacities: 30.000 litres

A: Majdanska 18, 31205 Gorjani, Srbija
M: +381 60 1333 033