BMN Malinas

The core business of the company BMN Malinas is the purchasing of fresh raspberry, blackberry, forest strawberry, forest blueberry, as well as deep freezing and processing of all these products. Favourable conditions for fruit growing, continuous education, advising fruit growers and high level of training of the company workers are the factors which contribute to the quality of products. The cold storage facility has been constructed in line with all the global standards.

Products:  DF raspberry (Rolend and Crumble; Willamette and Meeker varieties), DF blackberry (Confiture;  Thornfree, Black Satin, Triple Crown, Cacanska Bestrna varieties), DF forest blueberries and DF forest strawberries, Deep frozen raspberry: Rolend and Crumble; Willamette and Meeker varieties; Deep frozen blackberry: Confiture; Thornfree, Black Satin, Triple Crown, Čačanska Bestrna varieties

Production capacities:  The cold storage capacity is 3300 tons. The cold storage facility contains deep freezing tunnels and the daily freezing capacity is 120 tons.

Export markets: West Europe, Russia

Standards and certifications: IFS, Global Gap, BRC.

Visibabska bb, 31210 Požega, Serbia
+381 31 71 59 50
+381 65 55 55 790