BMD d.o.o. is family company, made by personal experience of its owner Vaso Kaljevic with his work in state company, and the passion he felt for work made him make his dream come true. And in 1989. with his wife establish his own company for collecting wild mushrooms. At the beginning it was just collection point, but as the time passed it was growing, just as the capacity, just as the product assortment, just as the knowledge.

Today, company has cold store capacity 400t, 300m2 of processing area, 20 product types, and has 20-30 workers, one male and rest female workers. And the passion for wild mushrooms also spread to the wild berries.

OUR main product is dried porcini mushrooms ( Boletus edulis) – and we are doing it in 6 classes: extra I class, I class, II class, III class, chop and black industry and even from this classes we can still make another products like powder, different sizes of chop…
We are specialized in small retail pickings for super markets, sizes 20gr, 30gr, 50gr, 100gr and our experience in this area is 20 years old. Our products go directly from our processing area to supermarket shelf.
As it is known that forest food from Balkan has best taste in the whole world because of it specific climate, considering our knowledge, experience and passion that we have for work that we do made our product unique in the world.

Main products:

  • dried wild mushrooms: porcini (Boletus edulis), Chanterelle (Chanterellus cibarius), black trumpet (Craterellus cornucopioides)
  • wild berries: strawberry (Fragaria vesca), Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus), blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus).

We believe that health is the most important for quality life and considering that we offer premium products that come directly from nature, carefully picked and packed by us and made it easy available for our costumer and easy to use, we want to create world in which food will be in function of creating excellent life quality.
We also want to show that it is possible to work transparently, be authentic, maintain a high level of product quality, and export to highest demanding markets in the world.

Certificates: IFS Food standard  Organic certificates: EU (EC Reg 834/2007) NOP and BioSuiss.

Export markets: EU (Germany, France, Italy, Denmark), Australia and North America

A: Ive Lole Ribara 2, 31230 Arilje, Serbia
P: +381 31 89 12 08
M: +381 64 82 94 804