Blagojević distillery

The Blagojević distillery owns 35 hectares of fruit orchards, with some 30,000 plum trees, in southeastern Serbia. By using fruit from its own plantations, processing in the highest hygienic conditions, distillation in copper cauldrons distillers and aging in Serbian oak barrels, the Blagojević distillery produces a superior product called Rakija od šljive „Nasleđe“ (“Nasleđe” Plum Brandy)


  • Rakija od šljive „Nasleđe“ – Edition 3 Classic
  • Rakija od šljive „Nasleđe“ – Edition 5 Exclusive
  • Rakija od šljive „Nasleđe“ – Edition 8 Limited
  • Rakija od šljive „Nasleđe“ – Edition Exclusive

Production capacities: 50.000 L per year

Export markets: Austria, Australia and Germany

Standards and certifications: HACCP System

A: Trinaesti Oktobar BB, Svrljig 18360, Serbia
M: +381 64 315 34 87