Bitgear Wireless Design Services

Bitgear Wireless Design Services d.o.o. is a leading Serbian innovation company in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) for business users. Founded in 2007, Bitgear has many years of experience in creating and launching new digital services with telecommunication operators worldwide, and since 2018 it has been intensively working on the development of its own IoT solutions:

  • IO-Elements products, a line of battery-powered telemetry and alarm IoT devices with low energy consumption, with long-range wireless communication, along with fast and easy installation in the field. They are intended for verticals underserved by technological solutions (waste management, physical-technical security, voltage infrastructure monitoring, etc.)
  • Plant-O-Meter, multispectral optical sensor intended for precise agriculture

IO-Elements products and Plant-O-Meter serve the users as tools for getting necessary insights into the current situation in the field, allowing optimization of operational costs and efficiency, as well as a reduction of the carbon footprint of business.

Bitgear’s key competitive advantage is its capacity for end-to-end development and production of electronic devices, as well as providing field operational support, including not only IoT devices but also (platform-based) application software.

Bitgear Wireless Design Services
A: Stevana Markovića 8, 11080 Belgrade, Serbia