Best & Co International Group

Best & Co International Group Ltd. was founded in 1985 in Vrbas, Serbia. The company has 1000 m² of closed and 4000 m² of open sales space, with an additional 5000 m² of warehouse space. They provide support through customer education and service. With 19 employees, they are organized into two key segments: manufacturing electric devices for precision agriculture and importing and selling agricultural machinery. They regularly exhibit at the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, showcasing the latest innovations and technologies for the agricultural industry. The fundamental idea is to enhance agriculture through technological innovations and customer support.

Product/Services: Precision Agricultural Electrical Device – Viva.

Production capacities: 5000 per year.

Export markets: global export

A: Suvoborska 2, 21460 Vrbas, Serbia
P: +381 21 79 17 72
M: +381 64 / 64 54 994
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