Benlian Foods

Benlian Foods company produces various gluten-free products, paying special attention to the fact that all the ingredients of the products are natural and of top quality. Using ingredients such as brown rice, corn, natural flavors, and cold-pressed oil, Benlian foods produce articles without any compromises when using absolutely natural ingredients.

To ensure that products meet the standards and needs of consumers, Benlian Foods is in a constant process of development. By using innovative methods in food processing, managed to keep the nutritional properties that the ingredients have in their raw form. With our innovative approach and constant development, Benlian foods wants to show people that healthy food can be delicious, as well as delicious food can be healthy.

Today, with more than 120 employees in the company, Benlian Foods is the regional leader in the rice /corn cakes and chips category. You can find Benlian products in the more than 50 markets all over Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Products: rice snacks 50gr – tomato and olive oil, curcuma and olive oil, pesto and olive oil, wild rice and olive oil; rice cakes 100gr– natural, sesame & salt, flax & sunflower, popcorn, chia & quinoa; rice cakes slim 100g– sesame & salt, flax & sunflower, chia & quinoa, mix seeds, mix grains; what snack 50g – sea salt, pizza, cheese, sour cream & onion; benlian chips corn & rice – classic,  jalapeno & cheese, paprika, pizza, sour cream & chive; rocky rice bars– milk, choco 70%, choco orange, coconut, raspberry, strawberry; rocky rolls– choco orange, coconut, choco milk, raspberry, strawberry.

Production capacities: Rice cakes and corn cakes – 12,000,000 pcs per year, chips – 8,000,000 pcs per year, what snacks and rice snacks – 6,000,000 pcs per year

Export markets:  Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosna and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Lithuania, Russia, Netherlands, Denmark, Lebanon, Israel, UAE, Jordan, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Brazil,

Standards and certifications: IFS, HACCP, ISO, Gluten-free

A: Bulevar Sv.cara Konstantina 82-84, 18000, Niš
P: +381 18 550 494
M: + 381 63 399 091