Apis Plus

Apis Plus d.o.o. for bee breeding and production and trade was founded in 2013.

The company was found from the beekeeping tradition of the Tomić family, which has been beekeeping since 1961.

Back in 1961, Mr. Tomić Vladimir took his and his family’ first steps in beekeeping by shaking a swarm of bees from a branch. Then he only had that one bee colony.

For years, through diligent work, acquiring and adopting new knowledge and applying it in practice, we wanted to complete the whole woven in swarms of bees.

Currently, the Tomić family has more than 400 bee colonies, continuing the tradition of the family business initiated over 60 years ago.

Through vigor and enthusiasm we want to constantly expand our offer with new ideas by combining tradition and innovation, supported by the acquisition of knowledge since 1961.

We entered the market with a range of products intended for feeding bees, as well as top quality bee products.

Today, we offer honey, bee products, beekeeping equipment, preparations for bees, our own brand of bee products called Bee and You, etc. in our retail and wholesale stores.

We have decided to extend our decades-long business to the mutual satisfaction of all customers through the online sales channels. In addition to the website and online store, you can also visit us on social networks.

We are located in the Deliblat Sandstone in the Pannonian plain, intersected by the tame rivers Tamiš, Begei, Tisa and canals, right between the Carpathians and the Danube River, where our bees, like the people from these parts, work hard and diligently, so that you can enjoy in our honey and other bee products.

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A: Trg Dr. Stanislava Bukurov 3. Jarkovac, Sečanj, 23000 Zrenjanin, Serbia
P: +381 69 185 70 17
E: sales@apisplus.rs, prodaja@apisplus.rs