Aleksić Winery

Since its foundation in 2006, Aleksić Winery has been proving that the most beautiful things are made by the hands of women. Through their wines that capture your heart by the first flavour, the three sisters promote the power of family love and devotion to their work. Giving themselves through 14 labels of liquid love each year, they augment people’s joy, making their country proud of their wine goddesses.

Aleksić Winery is awarded with 84 medals for wine quality. It is the winner of the Best National Producer Award by AWC from Vienna, as well as the Women’s Dragon Award for Entrepreneurial Venture.

Aleksić Winery is located in Vranje, the south of Serbia that is the area with the greatest number of sunny days. It possesses state-of-the-art technology equipment for wine processing with average annual production of 550,000 litters of red, white and rose wines, which rates them among the top ten out of 400 registered wineries in Serbia.


  • Red wines: Nostalgija, Kardas, Kardas limited, Amanet, Temperament
  • White wines: Sevdah, Zuti cvet, Arno, Bonaca, Bonaca Limited
  • Rose wines: Barbara, Mozaik
  • Sparkling: Biser, Zuti cvet

Production capacities: 550. 000 liters

Export markets: Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, China, Russia and UAE

Standards and certifications: ISO 22001

A: Industrijski blok 9/1, 17500 Vranje, Serbia
P: +381 17 44 69 72
M: +381 62 88 00 931