Aleksić Winery

Aleksić Winery was founded in Vranje, in 2006, thus paving the way for the revival of viticulture in southern Serbia. It was founded by three sisters, whose love for wine started at an early age, through family tradition. For them, wine has always been more than a job. It is a vocation and a legacy that are passed down from generation to generation.

Alongside with creating unique wines, the Aleksić sisters have created a recognizable brand famous for its quality. Constantly providing their consumers with the highest quality products, they produce 500,000 liters per year with constant growth and a tendency towards further development.

They have 14 labels in their portfolio, which are created by combining knowledge, expertise and the most modern equipment. Gentle and hard-working female hands that proudly bear the title of the first and only female owned winery in the Balkans have managed to be recognized on the domestic and international wine scene alike.

The biggest business endeavor for the sisters is also an endeavor of national importance for the south of Serbia – the lease of 70 hectares of land for raising their own vineyards.

Products: Nostalgija, Amanet, Signature, Heritage, 1314

Production capacities: 700,000 lit

Export markets: China, USA, UK, Swiss, Germany, Montenegro, Bosnia

Standards and certifications: ISO 22000

A: Industrijski blok 9/1, 17500 Vranje, Serbia
P: +381 17 44 62 44
M: +381 62 88 00 931