Aleksić Winery

Aleksić Winery was founded in Vranje, in 2006, thus paving the way for the revival of viticulture in southern Serbia. It was founded by three sisters, whose love for wine started at an early age, through family tradition. For them, wine has always been more than a job. It is a vocation and a legacy that are passed down from generation to generation.

Alongside with creating unique wines, the Aleksić sisters have created a recognizable brand famous for its quality. Constantly providing their consumers with the highest quality products, they produce 500,000 liters per year with constant growth and a tendency towards further development.

They have 14 labels in their portfolio, which are created by combining knowledge, expertise and the most modern equipment. Gentle and hard-working female hands that proudly bear the title of the first and only female owned winery in the Balkans have managed to be recognized on the domestic and international wine scene alike.

The biggest business endeavor for the sisters is also an endeavor of national importance for the south of Serbia – the lease of 70 hectares of land for raising their own vineyards.

Products: Nostalgija, Amanet, Signature, Heritage, 1314

Production capacities: 700,000 lit

Export markets: China, USA, UK, Swiss, Germany, Montenegro, Bosnia

Standards and certifications: ISO 22000

Vinarija Aleksić(阿列克西奇酒厂)于 2006 年在Vranje (弗拉涅市)成立了,这样为塞尔维亚南部葡萄栽培的复兴铺平了道路。 它是由三姐妹创立的,她们从小就对葡萄酒的热爱是通过家族传统灌输的。 对她们来说,葡萄酒一直不仅仅是一份工作,更是一种生活使命,代代相传的资产。

除了独特的葡萄酒以外,Aleksić (阿列克西奇)姐妹还创造了一个以其品质而闻名的独特品牌。 她们给自己消费者始终都提供最优质的产品,她们每年生产 500,000 升,并且,她们不断增长并具有进一步发展的趋势。

她们的产品组合中有 14 个标签,这些标签是通过结合知识,专业知识和最现代的设备创建的。 温柔而勤奋的女性双手自豪地带着巴尔干地区第一家和唯一一家女性酒厂的称号, 她们成功了都在国内和国际葡萄酒界得到认可。

对于三姐妹最大的商业冒险同时是一项对塞尔维亚南部具有国家意义的事业—租用 70 公顷的土地来种植/建立自己的葡萄园。


生产能力:700,000 升


标准和证书:ISO 22000 证书

A: Industrijski blok 9/1, 17500 Vranje, Serbia
P: +381 17 44 62 44
M: +381 62 88 00 931