The factory began its production in 1871, as a small chemical plant narrowly specialized in the production of soap (toilet, laundry, glycerin). It acquired its name ALBUS in 1923, these days already producing 180 wagons of soap for the domestic market and export. In 1961, Albus introduced serious innovation – industrial production of liquid dishwashing detergent, and fabric softener several years later. In those days, ALBUS cooperated with well-known European companies: Yves Rocher (France), Boldoot (Amsterdam) etc. The portfolio expanded – counting fabric care, household care, cosmetics, etc. In 1997, Albus was the first detergent producer that gained ISO 9001 certificate. Nowadays, the factory implements highest safety standards of raw material, production process and final control. In 2005 ALBUS enhanced its market performance and developed into a modern company, as a member of Invej Holding. Constant monitoring and application of scientific improvements, for more than 150 years of knowledge and experience, are the best guarantee of quality of our products. Our mission is to make everyday life better, since proper hygiene is essential for healthy lifestyle.

Products: Non – concentrated Bohor, Concentrated Bohor, Liquid detergent, Hand-Dishwashing Liquid Detergents, Concentrated Hand-Dishwashing Liquid Detergents, Household Cleaning Products, Household Cleaning Products, Baby & Kids Cosmetics Liquid Detergents, Personal Care Soaps, Shampoos and Hair Conditioner, Various Products

Production capacities: 2022 – 4.793.580 komada

Export markets: CG, Slovenija, Severna Makedonija, BIH, Rusija, Austrija, Hrvatska

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001-2015

A: Adresa, poštanski broj, grad: Privrednikova 10, 21000 Novi Sad
P: 021/443109
M: 0648805065