We don’t believe in empty words, but we do believe that every empty glass has a story behind it.

Akov (coming from Hungarian akó) is a 54l glass cask or bucket meant for brandy resting but also a “vintage” measuring unit pretty much as Quarter cask. Still, Akov is a lot more – a full, bottled-up measure for all senses, sealed with ages of dedication and commitment, crafted to trigger your emotions in a distinctive way.

Akov is a fine rakija, known for its rich taste and delicate aroma. Each drop of Akov spirits has nothing to do with chance, but comes as a fruit of deep understanding of how nature works – forged through numbers of attempts, combinations and ultimately scores.

To create a distinctive rakija, it takes guts, passion, faith, delicacy… and buckets of confidence. We play it by ear, follow our intuition and cherish each drop of Akov.

Products: Apple rakija, Plum rakija, Grape rakija, Quince rakija, Apricot rakija and Carrot rakija.

Production capacity: 450,000 liters per year.

Export markets: Austria, Montenegro, Slovenia, Switzerland and China.

A: Kovanlučka 182n, 36000 Kraljevo
P: +381 36 54 43 950
E: info@akovrakija.com