A family business AGROBIS was founded in 2004. We operate in a region that has been certified as 100% organic for many years. All the fruit is grown at altitudes of 500- 1300 meters, more exactly on the slopes of Mount Kopaonik which is the perfect environment to grow these types of fruits, far from any of the industrial pollution. It is approx. 260 kilometers south from Belgrade. The farmers in this region have a long tradition and rich experience of producing organically grown fruit. Agrobis today exports to France, Germany, Czech Rep., Latvia, Moldova… with revenues bigger than 1M EUR. We are proud of our Organic Growers Group and how we improve ourselves day by day.

Products: We can provide a wide range of fruits, produced in accordance with EU food regulations. As a responsible company, AGRO BIS, developed a system of traceability, quality check and tight relationship with fruit growers. We offer freezed and processed organic fruit where the main advantage of the company is its location which is situated in the heart of fruit gardens, making it most fresh to collect.

Fruits and dry fruits in our production:

  • Frozen fruit (strawberry, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, plum, apple)
  • Fresh fruit (strawberry, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, plum, apple, pear)
  • Dry fruit (plum)

Standards and certifications: “AGRO-BIS” operates in accordance with HACCP – (Hazard analysis and critical control points) for which a certificate has been issued by the company AD Quality, ORGANIC EU

Production capacities:

  • Plum: 15 tons /day (dry)
  • Raspberries: 150 tons (frozen or fresh)
  • Strawberries: 20 tons (frozen or fresh)
  • Blackberries: 80 tons (frozen or fresh)
  • Apples: 1500 tons (frozen or fresh)
  • (+ cherry and pear on demand)

A: Barbatovac bb, 18420 Blace, Serbia
P: +381 27 81 00 251