Agrobis is a family-owned company founded in 2004 in Barbatovac (Municipality of Blace). We are engaged in freezing and cold storage of fruits, with a capacity of 500 tons. Agrobis company has installed new facility for plum drying with capacity for drying 15 tons of fresh plum per day.

We operate in a region known by the traditional extensive fruit growing, far from any of the industrial pollution. Region is located on the slopes of Kopaonik National Park, between Blace, Kursumlija and Brus at an altitude from 500 to 1.300 meters, 260 kilometers south from Belgrade. Our farmers are experienced organic fruit growers, monitored by certification body for many years.

We can provide wide range of fruits, produced in accordance with EU food regulations. As responsible company, Agrobis developed system of traceability, quality check and tight relationship with fruit growers. At the most, we are proud of our Organic Growers Group and the way we improve ourselves together day by day.


  • Freeze program – IQF raspberries, IQF blackberries, IQF plums, IQF strawberry, IQF sour cherry
  • Fresh program – apples, fresh organic in big bags, quince, pear, mirabelle plum
  • Precooled program – strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, plum, sour cherry
  • Dried fruits – plums with stones, plumes without stones

A: Barbatovac bb, 18420 Blace, Serbia
P: +381 27 81 00 251