Agria was founded in 1993, following the needs of the market with constant investments in equipment and technology, it masters the complete production process. In 1995, our own product, the universal pneumatic seed drill, was developed. In the following years, it introduced into its production program: grain seeders, pneumatic seeders for vegetables, a seeder for sowing containers, a line for sowing containers, a seedling planter, a strawberry cleaner.


  • Universal seed drills
  • Universal pneumatic seeders
  • Pneumatic seeders for vegetables
  • Manual pneumatic tray seeder for seed trays
  • Manual line for seed trays
  • Transplanter machines
  • Mechanical strawberry cleaner

Production capacities: Production capacities of Agria is about 250 to 350 units per year

Export markets: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia, France, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001:2015, The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EN ISO 12100:2010, EN ISO 4254-1:2013, EN 14018:2005+A1:2009

A: Bajski put 177, 24000 Subotica, Serbia
P: +381 24 56 15 53
M: +381 60 05 61 560